Pay up part 2

Yesterday we reported on Arsenal fans having to stump up for a whopping 6.5 per cent rise in season ticket prices, now we have Manchester United fans being stung for a whole load of cash; this time for the Champions League final.

For United’s supporters, the only way of getting a ticket for the match on the open market yesterday was to stump up £574 for return coach trip and dinner at the Michelin-starred restaurant Le Gavroche. The face value of the tickets was £225 – itself an outrage – meaning the rest of the trip, which has been arranged by Thomas Cook, cost £349. They sold out almost immediately. The rest of United 25,000 tickets will be going into a ballot for season ticket holders.

‘It is only a small number of tickets but it's the principle,’ said a spokesman for the Manchester United Supporters' Trust. ‘To get a ticket for the Champions League final from the club you either have to be a season-ticket holder who has been to all the cup games and, preferably, all the Champions League away games. Then you take your chances in the ballot. Or you can pay a large amount for a coach trip that guarantees you a ticket.’

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