Pay up

As football fans we already know that tickets for matches, especially for those who support Premier League clubs, cost far too much. Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis said as much in a letter to his club’s fans, even as he hiked up season ticket prices by 6.5 per cent, with the cheapest season ticket now costing £951.

In a letter to the Arsenal Supporters’ Trust Gazidis admitted that he was also worried about normal supporters being priced out of football stadiums, but insisted that if the club wants to compete it has to pay the transfer fees and wages of top players, and ultimately that money has to come from the fans. Here in lies the conundrum for long-standing match-going fans of the bigger clubs: either you boycott the ground and someone else takes your place, or you put up and shut up. The clubs know this, and will milk you for whatever they can.

‘I share your concerns that ordinary fans are being increasingly priced out of live football,’ said Gazidis. ‘This is bad for the continued health of the game and is driven primarily by escalating and ultimately unsustainable levels of spending on transfer fees and player salaries.

‘This is a fundamental issue that football needs to address and is why I have been a vocal supporter of Uefa's proposals to bring more restraint and responsibility to spending within football.’

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