Paula bags NY title

We’ve got to take our collective hats off to Paula Radcliffe, winning the New York marathon. Not necessarily because it’s only a few short weeks since she popped out Radcliffe junior. Although, that is quite a feat of recovery.

It’s more the fact that she’s had the time and energy to train at all with a newborn in the house. When most of us struggle to get to the park and back with a newborn in just over two hours, world-number-1-ranking Miss P manages to run and win a marathon. When did she get time to train? How did she not fall asleep during long runs? Didn’t the smell of baby-sick on the shoulder of every one of her best (dark) training tops put her off?

Hang on a minute – we forgot: Paula’s not a normal person. She’s Wonder Woman, right? Whatever. Congratulations, Paula.

Could you train for and run a marathon just a few months after giving birth?

(Image: from Conor Lawless’ Flickr stream) 

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