Paul Gascoigne opens up about his battles with alcohol

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Gascoigne appeared today on ITV's This Morning with hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford to open up about his battles with alcohol. Sitting on the show's couch, Gascoigne looked to be in a good place and appeared very relaxed when quizzed about his history with drink.

Just last month, Gascoigne was sectioned under the Mental Health Act after suffering a relapse in rehabilitation. Speaking about that incident he said "This time, I knew I was in trouble straight away so I tried to put a block on it, and I was just detoxing in my house. Then all of a sudden, I just felt I was set up by a few people, and I carried on drinking."

Viewers were given an insight into the difficulties Gascoigne has to face every day when he said "I thought it was craving for a drink, it's not, it's obsession. Once the obsession is gone, you're alright. But when you have no drink left, you get the cravings, and the cravings are bad. Like, if I had a drink this morning and I was talking to you now, I wouldn't be listening. My head would just be saying 'Have a drink, have a drink'."

He also was adamant that during he 18 years he has struggled with alcohol, he has only ever spent "a year and a bit" drinking in total. Holmes probed him on how many times he has nearly died during that time and he responded quickly "19 times!".

He also revealed that his parents have an extremely hard time dealing with his problems. He said "I think they're quite used to it. It's embarrassing to say, but I think they're used to it. My mum gets really upset, my dad, I can't swear on the show but he's like 'What the ***k are you up to now!", and that. But then I go up to visit them." Gascoigne retired from football in 2004 and has struggled with mental problems and alcohol addiction throughout his life which unfortunately for him are played out in full view of the British public.

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