Buy your paddling pool from Tesco this year

With a surprisingly long spell of hot weather under our belts already and more predicted throughout the summer, it is no surprise that paddling pools are flying off the shelves as people adopt this long standing and easy way to cool down in the comfort and privacy of their own garden.

Paddling pool prices at Tesco start from as little as £3 from major chain retailers or supermarkets and garden shops. This will buy your traditional inflatable round pool that is perfect for the younger members of the family. If you want something that everybody can fit into however, and that is deeper than a typical small paddling pool, you could go one step further and buy a much larger model. Paddling pools as large as 6 foot are available and are surprisingly easy to set up: they are either inflatable and come with their own pump, or have rigid sides. They take a while to fill but if you have a garden hose within easy reach then this is not a problem.

To hear that paddling pool sales at Tesco have shot through the roof in recent weeks will come as no surprise. It is also hardly surprising that this latest spell of hot weather is set to end soon but given that it is so close to the start of the year, it is highly likely that there will be more sunshine and balmy days to come. Buy your pool now and be prepared for the rest of the summer.

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