Value packages for the Champions League final from Dublin

Are you an Irish football fan looking to miss none of the action when the Champions League Final kicks off in Munich in May 2012? This match is the hottest ticket in the footballing world when the World Cup isn't on, and as a result, tickets are like gold dust, especially if it isn't your team in the final! Quite a few Irish companies offer packages for the Champions League final from Dublin, and in this blog we are going to direct you towards the best of them.

Irish football fans like to travel like few others. A recent survey for a UK newspaper put the figure Irish fans spend on travelling to football matches in England each year at £118 million, meaning there will likely be a huge demand from Irish fans for the Champions League final each and every year. A good site to start your search for Champions League packages is Football Trips at www.footballtrips.ie/. This site offers tickets to all of the big games around Europe each and every season, and they generally get a small consignment of Champions League Final tickets every year. So it is worth getting an application in early.

Another fantastic site for you to check out is the Marathon Sports Travel site at www.marathonsportstravel.ie/. This site is the official travel provider for Irish fans of Sunderland, Manchester Utd and Liverpool, and they have access to a huge number of tickets for the Champions League each and every year. Again, it is worth booking early to avoid disappointment.

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