Owen Wilson to play for England

The Six Nations kicks off this weekend, with all eyes on the weekend’s glamour-tie – England versus Wales at HQ. In a bizarre twist, it seems Hollywood comedy actor Owen Wilson has had his nose straightened and is set to start on the wing for England.

Team England insist it’s actually last season’s nowhere-man David Strettle – but we know a Hollywood heartthrob when we see one. Good on yer, Owen. Although, we did think you were a Septic so how come you’re playing for England. Oh, no – we forgot, anyone can play for England these days.

As for the match? With the stuffed England shirts already predicting a 25-point drubbing for the Welsh Dragons, we suspect it’ll be much closer to call. We’ll see, we’ll see. Let’s just hope England remember to score a try, if they can.

D acha Cymru! Baedda 'r Saesneg…

(Image: from Hot Rod Homepage's flickr stream)

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