Owen Hargreaves accuses Manchester United of worsening his injuries

Owen Hargreaves has lashed out at Manchester United, claiming that they made his injury problems worse with their treatment, and that Alex Ferguson even sent him out to play after he had told the club that he wasn't fit to play.

The former England international made his debut for Manchester City on Wednesday night, scoring the first in a 2-0 against Birmingham City in the Carling Cup and playing 57 minutes. He looked like a new man, which if he allegations are true should come as no surprise. Not only does he claim that he was played while injured, he also claims that the course on injections that he was given by United's medical staff actually made his condition worse, and has even led to the deterioration of his knees.

'I came back a week early for pre-season to get it (the injections) done,' he said to The Guardian. 'They said I would be fit for the start of pre-season but, after that, I never got back on my feet. My tendon was never the same. They said my tendon was good, but it felt like I was made out of glass.

'There were a few crucial points. We treated it and it got significantly worse through the injections. That obviously had a huge impact. Basically, I was left to pick up the pieces, which was incredibly frustrating.

'They said it [the injections] would help and that I wouldn't have any side effects. That obviously wasn't the case and if I'd known I could have had a reaction like that I wouldn't have done it. It was a shit position to be in, to be honest. I'm not a guy who wants to bitch and complain. I was trying to make the most of it, but it deteriorated over the season and we had to do these injections. My knee, my tendon, was never the same.'

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