Overage and over there (there being China)

According to a report from a Chinese sports ministry, a fifth of all the country's youth athletes have lied about their age in order to cheat their way to tournament victories.

The Guandong Province, which is hosting this year's Asian Games, said it tested 15,000 athletes, and 3,000 of them were older than they claimed (with 2,000 ineligible to take part in any youth sport at all), although the less said about the faintly creep x-ray bone analysis they used to find this out the better.

These are no losers either; the sample was the top eight in each event at last year's provincial youth competitions and those who had signed up for this year Provincial Games, meaning that tournaments all other the country were being won illegitimately, often in the search of extra funding for the successful provinces.

Not that this is anything new for China however, medal winning gymnasts He Kexin and Yang Yilin were accused of being too young to compete in last years Olympics, which is at least cheating in a less outrageous way. Well, maybe.

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