Out gunned Arsenal look to bounce back

Man Utd 4 Arse 0. The result says it all. Arsenal were giving a spanking by Fergie's men in Saturday's FA Cup quarter-finals. United showed no mercy to their table topping rivals producing a scintillating performance.

Before Saturday's game Arsenal had been scoring as freely as a page three stunner on an oil rig. But in the end Gallas and Co. shot more blanks than a pensioner with prostate problems. They will be hoping for a dose of footballing Viagra ahead of Wednesday's Champion's League clash when Wenger's babies are hosting AC Milan's Dad's Army.

Milan are heading into the game with a goalkeeping crisis. Kalac is out and on Saturday everyone's favourite comedy goalkeeper Nelson Dida was up to his old tricks again. He picked up an Oscar for his performance in the Celtic game last year. But on Saturday he managed to top even his own high standards of comedy gold. Dida somehow injured himself while warming the bench during Milan's 0-0 dullfest against Parma. Those splinters can be pretty sharp!

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