Our best ever

New Zealand surprised everyone yesterday afternoon by snatching a last second 1-1 draw against supposed dark horses Slovakia, a result which has been hailed as the best ever in the history of New Zealand football. Winston Reed’s dramatic last-gasp header gave the country their first ever point in the World Cup, and their manager Ricki Herbert is convinced that it tops everything else they have ever done.

‘We are very, very proud. You would have to say this is our best ever result,’ said the coach. ‘We have come and thrown some extremely good punches and got what I thought was a fully deserved result.

‘It's a special night for me, I couldn't be any prouder. I thought the opening game was a good chance to get something and I would have been disappointed with a loss after conceding a goal like that. But we kept coming, the boys kept coming.

‘We came across with the intention to make a difference and we certainly did that against a highly rated team.’

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