O'Sullivan's latest world title could be his last

Snooker’s most popular player Ronnie O’Sullivan sealed his fourth world title – and immediately hinted it could be his last appearance at the Crucible. Retirement is a distinct possibility.

O’Sullivan coasted to an 18-11 victory over Ali Carter in the evening session. His play was precise and efficient, only occasionally flamboyant, but he was never in any danger of letting his opponent back into the match. There were no signs of the frustration or loss of concentration that have prevented him winning even more titles.

"I was basically trying to keep my emotions in tow, trying not to be too critical of myself, to just do my best," he said. "It's hard to do it for 17 days – at my age, too. It's a fantastic feeling. I think I've played some very good snooker in all my matches."

O’Sullivan has been critical of the demands of the snooker tour, and has said that, at 36, he wants to devote more time to his family. "I'm not saying I have retired," he said. "I'm saying my family have become the most important thing."

He will be giving serious thought to the question of whether he wants to maintain his commitment to a sport he has graced with his stylish play. "It's up to the governing body to treat the players right," he said. "They can't expect players to travel everywhere to play these minor events. I just don't like feeling – is blackmailed the right word? I'm quite happy to move on if I have to and enter another world."

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