Opening up

Tiger Woods has given his first press golfing press conference since his cheating ways caught the world’s attention, and somehow managed to turn into a session on the psychiatrist’s couch, telling anyone who’d listen about the sort of person he was and how he was going to change.

Woods’ career has been characterised not only by remorselessly winning over and over, but by his incredibly well choreographed press relations, which would involve him saying nothing interesting to anyone, ever. Yesterday evening at a pre-US Masters conference however, he revealed that he got five stitches from the attack from his wife, and that he was going to be a new man from now on. Most curiously he said that he hadn’t had any fun winning the countless golf tournaments he had won.

‘Whatever I did, I lied to myself, I lied to others and just because I was winning golf tournaments, that doesn't mean a thing,’ he said. ‘The way I was thinking caused so much harm to the people that I love and care about most on this planet.

‘I lied to a lot of people, deceived a lot of people, and I also lied to myself. I have won numerous golf tournaments down the years but I have not had any fun doing it. I am trying each and every day to live my life better and strong – that is the main thing – and if I win championships along the way, then so be it.’ The new improved Tiger might be a tough more interesting, no?

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