Open letter to Ricky H

Dear Sir Richard,

You are a true hero and a real gentleman.

We haven’t written until now because we wanted to give you a chance to reflect – and for the ringing in your ears to go.

We sincerely hope you realise how much of a winner you are – in all our eyes. Boxing is the toughest sport. So, to carry yourself with grace in the run-up to the fight of your life, and conduct yourself with complete dignity after it, shows what a great human being you are.

You were beaten, fair and square. By the best boxer on the planet. But your eyes showed you were never defeated. We’ll be cheering you on at the re-match – and at all your subsequent defences of your title.

Try and stay off the mince pies this Christmas. And just one or two Guinnesses, eh?

Be lucky, mate. You’re the pride of England.

(Image: from YouTube)

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