Open Golf in Sandwich Tickets

Open Golf prices for Sandwich tickets for the 2011 tournament rose on a sliding scale leading up to the Championship.

Concessions for 65 and over

At the 2011 Open Golf Championship, Sandwich tickets for the 65s and over were £10 each if bought on July 10th - a week before the Championship finished. Tickets on the Monday before the Championship were £15. On the Tuesday they were £25, and on the Wednesday, £30. For tickets bought on the final day of the Championship, prices had increased to £45 - the same price for all the Championship rounds.

Concessions for 16-21 Years

For 16 to 21-year-olds, Open Golf Championship Sandwich tickets were significantly lower than the 65 and over age group. They began from £5 each for a ticket bought a week before the tournament's end. For the younger age group, the prices were £15 each for Monday and Tuesday, and rose to £20 for Wednesday. The prices were £25 each for the four rounds of the Championship.

Adults 21-65

The prices for tickets for adults aged between 21-65 were the most expensive of all. On the Sunday before the tournament they were £15, and were £25, £30, and £40 on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday respectively. On the last four days of the tournament they were £60. Season tickets, involving admission to Sandwich for a week, up to the end of the tournament, were £240. A ticket for the Grandstand at the 18th Green were also priced at £240, and tickets were available to fans on the gate.

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