When your team wins an important trophy it’s obviously a big deal; and when you win that trophy in a hotly-contested final against your arch-rivals you want to celebrate all the more. So it’s no surprise that the fans and players of Real Madrid took to the streets to celebrate last night, after snatching the Copa Del Rey from Barcelona. This is a big deal, especially given that Barca are supposedly the best team in the world and the fact that there are two legs of the Champions League semi-final against them to come.

So you’d think that when doing the rooftop bus tour of the city with the cup, the players would be careful to keep it in safe hands, and to make sure that no-one drops the thing. It is an important trophy after all. Step forward Sergio Ramos, who manages to not only drop the cup from the top deck, but also drop it in front of the bus, so that it gets run over. Oh dear.

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