Get into the swing with online golf games

When the rain is lashing down and winter is settling in, there's no need to sit moping, staring at your unused golf clubs and dreaming of the Ryder Cup. The new generation of online golf games allows you the freedom to roam the virtual fairways and hit those perfect 120 yard chips absolutely pin high.

Register at World Golf Tour (wgt.com) and you'll find yourself in a serious golfing environment where a great deal of attention has been paid to making the gameplay realistic and challenging. It's almost a role playing game. As your player's skills develop, he increases his range of clubs from the pro shop and looks to make a name in the tournaments.

Candystand Links Golf (candystand.com) is an instant and easy-to-understand golf game, familiar to anyone who has played golf games on consoles or Nintendo. You use the familiar 3 clicks system to hit shots, but there's a pleasing degree of intricacy once you get on and around the greens.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online (tigerwoodsonline.ea.com) offers a basic free edition of the complex and engrossing console game. The constant requests to upgrade to the subscription version can get a little annoying, but if you ignore them, there is still plenty of enjoyable gamplay for free.

When you don't want to get into the details, but just want to hit a bucket of balls into the sky, head for the driving range option at nabiscoworld.com. This is one of those online golf games where subtlety isn't required, just persistence as you slam them long and straight. Choose amateur or professional levels and get as close to the target pins as possible.

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