Where to look online for bargain golf equipment!

Today, golf is a year round sport and, whatever the weather, keen golfers can be seen day and night on courses the length and breadth of the UK. Whether you are an experienced player or absolute beginner there are an abundance of places to look online for affordable golf equipment.

When it began, American Golf was a revolution in the golfing world across the UK as it provided a place to shop in-store and online for golf equipment all year round. A quick search on the store's website, www.americangolf.co.uk, will bring up an abundance of great offers on clubs, balls, bags, clothing and all accessories. American Golf also offers recurring sales with some absolute bargains to be found on last season's gear.

American Golf ship products worldwide and provide free UK delivery (see website for exceptions). Furthermore, if you see a product cheaper at another store, American Golf will match that price. Simply give them a call or drop them an email.

Another great place to look online for cheap golf equipment is www.onlinegolf.co.uk. Founded in 1999, Onlinegolf prides itself on being one of Europe's finest internet online golf stores. Throughout the year Onlinegolf offer up to 70% discount on all major golfing brands from TaylorMade to Callaway.

Onlinegolf offer free UK delivery and also ship to Europe, yet a great attraction of the store is the 90 Day Trial. Purchase any golf club over £100 and take advantage of a 90-day test drive. If you are not happy with the performance, simply return the goods and the store will reimburse you with a voucher worth 90% of the product price.


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