Play online fantasy football

The game of online fantasy football has exploded in recent years on the internet. The whole concept of the game is that you select an 11 man team from a selected budget which is based on premiership players. Your team will then be awarded points based on real life matches in the Premiership based on how well, or poorly they perform.

If you are looking to win money, the best place to play with your fantasy football team is with The Sun, which can be found online at dreamteamfc.com. A striker will be awarded 5 points for scoring; a defender or keeper will be awarded 5 points for keeping a clean sheet and if a defender or midfielder scores a goal more points will be awarded. The aim of the game is to have the most points when the Premiership season ends.

It is also possible to change your team, with 5 transfer windows available throughout the season. There is a £1 million prize pool with £100,000 for the winner, £40,000 for second and with prizes up to 100th place in the rankings. There are also 7 monthly prizes, with the top prize being £5,000. To enter you can pick 6 teams for as little as £25.

Another great place to play fantasy football is at fantasyfootball.dailymail.co.uk. There is £40,000 in cash to be won, with £20,000 for first prize. You can make up to 32 transfers during the season.

If you have an interest in the Premiership and believe you could select a winning team from the pool of talent available, why not enter and try to win the coveted first prize.

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