One-two finish

Mo Farah won Britain’s first European 10,000 metres title last night, romping to victory in Barcelona after a race in which he spent much of the time larking about, chatting to the other runners and at one point asking one of them to overtake him. Not surprisingly the crowd loved it.

The 27-year-old, who came to Britain as a refugee from Somalia as a nine-year-old, took a look around him with three laps to go and spotted Spaniard Ayad Lamdassem behind, before encouraging him to overtake and take the lead. He held it for two laps, and then with 350 metres to go burst into a sprint and took the gold medal. Even better for Britain, Chris Thompson finished second, making it the first one-two finish in the country’s history.

‘That was amazing,’ said Farah, ‘A (British) one-two has never been done before and it just feels so great to be here. It's so great to see this man (Thompson) back – he's done so much and to win with him second is the best result I could have expected. It's been a great first day to get the gold medal in the hat and now also the silver and everyone can follow through on that.’

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