One man went to moan…

No one likes to see a wonderful footballing institution – bastion of sporting excellence and guardian of the game’s best interests – struggling to find direction and purpose amid Press speculation about its ongoing woes.

But we’re talking about Chelsea, so it’s open season on the glee front, really. Sorry, but we used to like the Blues before they got all nouveau riche. Now there isn’t a single reason to like or respect them. They don’t play good football despite all those players – shame on them.

Now Ten Cate – or whatever the coach’s name is – admits he did have a training-ground contretemps with JT (as he’s known at Chelsea – or John Terry as he’s known to the rest of the world who can’t bring themselves to use his toe-curlingly clichéd soubriquet.)

What next? Avram Grant smiling? Then we’ll know things really are in a bad way at the Bridge. Shall I take it to the Bridge?

(Image: from Free-er’s flickr stream)

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