Where to buy olympics 2012 coins

One of the most popular collectible items involved in the olympic games is the Olympics 2012 coins collection, they are available to purchase now and are selling at a wide range of prices so no matter your budget, you will be guaranteed to find a coin set you can afford.

Starting at £2.99, http://www.royalmint.com sell an expansive range of collectible coins that vary in both design and price with the most expensive coin set selling at over £5,000 for the gold collection. Collecting the coins are a great, fun way to remember the games and a chance to salvage something for years to come and show future generations a piece of the spectacle that the Olympics will undoubtedly be. The £2.99 series is a single 50p coin which is designed according to your preferable sport to be contested in the games. For instance, if hockey is your game, you can purchase a coin with a hockey player engraved into the coin. There is a coin dedicated to every sport so you can be sure to purchase at least one of your favourite sports, all alternative collect them all!

Another popular choice is the £5 coin which was issued to mark a year until what is labelled as the greatest sporting show on earth, descends upon London England. If you want the coin to be in a professional casing, it will cost you a bit more at £9.99.

You can also have your coin placed in a casing with a photo of a famous piece of English history next to it. You can have your coin displayed next to a photo of the iconic figure that is Winston Churchill or alternatively Big Ben. For £69.50, you can have these iconic pieces of British history and heritage engraved onto a coin which is accompanied by a fashionable case.

Be sure to visit http://www.royalmint.com and explore the huge variety of coins that the website has to offer, you can be sure to find at least one coin that you will like and be able to cherish as a memento to the Olympic games which will take place next year.


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