Olympic workout rings; a great new way to get fit

Olympic workout rings have become a hugely popular way to work out in recent years. You can basically cover all the muscle groups with just one piece of equipment so it's no surprise that the demand for these rings is huge.

The beauty of these rings is that you can set them up anywhere where you have a roof or a doorway. Basically all you need to do is attach the straps to the brackets and hook them up to your roof or doorway.

The EXF Rings PRO are the perfect ring set for beginners or anyone that wants to train with rings. They come with two rings, the EXF straps, a workout DVD, the brackets and a carry sack. All you need to get started.

They have made big adjustments to the EXF straps. You can now adjust from 11 inches to a full 17.5 feet, so people who needed more length in the strap are now covered.

They have also added some great touched to the rings themselves. EXF realised that customers had different preferences to the grip on the rings. Now the rings have a rough edge, a rubber grip and a textured finish split into thirds across each ring. Now everyone has a finish that they are most comfortable using.

You can by these online for only £75 including delivery from The States from the ringtraining.com website. They even have instructional video for setting them up on their website so be sure to check them out.

Olympic workout rings are a great way to get fit, hit up the Ring Training website and see for yourself.

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