Olympic torch met with protest in London

Another day another Olympic controversy. Yesterday saw the Olympic torch make its way to London in what was supposed to be "a journey of harmony". Instead the occasion was marked by angry protest, violent clashes between pro-Tibetan and Chinese students and accusations of heavy-handed tactics against the Metropolitan police.

The Guardian reports that members of the police confiscated Tibetan flags and T-shirts from pro-Tibetan protesters ahead of the arrival of the Olympic torch. But the most dramatic moment of the day happened as a protester attempted to snatch the flame from ex Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq.

Events then took a surreal twist with the arrival of a float sponsored by Samsung which stopped alongside the protesters. It was kitted out with scantily clad dancing girls giving their all to the strains of the theme tune from Fame.

The whole event was a fiasco. The PR guff of the Olympic spirit couldn't have been further from the truth. Even Olympics minister Tessa Jowell admitted that the arrival of the Olympic torch had created an atmosphere of "threat and menace". The flame arrived in Paris last night as it continues its "journey of harmony".

Protester tries to snatch Olympic flame

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