Olympic site to be named after the Queen

We know that given the huge number so of people who read this site, some of you must be fans of the royal family. Why, we’re not entirely sure, but it takes all sorts, so we’ll let bygones be bygones (even if you’ll be first up against the wall come the revolution) and cheer you up with the news that the park that will be created in east London after the 2012 Olympics is to be named after the Queen. By jove, it’s just the ticket.

The site in Stratford, which include the stadium and facilities left over from the Games, is to be called Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, an odd name for a place and no mistake. Hopefully the locals will drag her name through the mud by making it a den of vice and night time violence.

‘The strength of the values, heritage and power of the royal and Olympic associations fit with our ambition for the park,’ said Baroness Ford, chair of the Olympic Park Legacy Company. ‘We are creating a new piece of London with family neighbourhoods, open space and events, inspired by the 2012 venues that surround them. It will bring together the best of London in one place and will be one of the United Kingdom's premier visitor attractions.’

‘It is a great honour that Her Majesty the Queen has given her consent to the name the park the Queen Elizabeth Park after the Games,’ said Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt. ‘Her Majesty has been supportive of London 2012 from the start and the event taking place in her diamond jubilee year, it is fitting that the park bears her name.’

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