Where to find Olympic coins 2011

Buying Olympic coins in 2011 may seem a tad early for some, but for others it is a serious hobby where they look to form their own collection of coins associated the London 2012 Olympic games.

There are a host of fantastic websites where these coins are available, one being westminstercollection.com who despite not selling a wide range of coins, are selling them at fantastic prices. You can purchase the fashionable 2011 £5 coin which commemorates the countdown to the 2012 Olympics for just £10 whilst you can also buy five London 2012 50p coins for just £19.99.

Royalmint.com have an impressive range of coins for purchase, ranging from just £2.99 for an individual sports specific coin to an astonishing £5,300 for the impressive six coin gold series. Despite the £2.99 priced coins being a lot more subtle that the coins they sell at the higher end of the market, the cheaper options are great in their own right, they come in different designs specific to each sport that will be competed at the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games. Like westminstercollection.com, they also sell 2011 Olympic coins which mark a year till the Olympics and you can purchase a series of coins for £28.49. The product comes complete with a display box to house the coins so they look that every bit more fantastic where ever you place them. Ahead of the games, you can also get your hands on Olympic coins which are dedicated to a different piece of English history, for example a Shakespeare coin or a coin with Big Ben engraved onto it. There is a wide array of options for this particular style coin and it's selling at a competitive price of £69.50.

You are urged to take a look at the site and start collecting these fashionable coins soon and not miss out on a once in a lifetime chance to get these official coins for the Olympic games 2012. You are sure to find a coin that you both prefer in design, and that is also affordable for you. If you love collecting coins, or just want something to take away from the Olympic games, then these coins will be a great addition to your home.

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