A look at the history and format of Olympic boxing

The first time boxing was a part of the Olympics was in 1912. From 1920 forward, it has been on the list of games for the Olympics.

Here is a quick summary of the format of Olympic Boxing. Since the time the Olympic Boxing tournament has begun, it has been fought in the form of one-loss elimination. Because Olympic Boxing is not professional boxing and is considered amateur boxing, head gear has always been used. Currently they are a total of 11 different weight classes in Olympic Boxing. There are only two colours: red and blue. In total three medals are awarded. Gold represents first place; silver represents second; and bronze symbolises third place. Currently the two losers of the semi-final bouts are awarded bronze medals.

There have countless great moments in Olympic Boxing history and many improbable stories. Olympic boxing is full of historic gold medal winners who have gone on to have great success in professional boxing. Boxers like Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Lennox Lewis, Wladmir Klitschko, Oscar De La Hoya, Ray Leonard and Cassius Clay (Ali) have all won gold medals.

There have also been a few Olympic Boxing multiple gold medal winners in the history of the boxing games at the Olympics.

Heavyweight: 1972, 1976, 1980- Teofilo Stevenson (Cuba); 1992, 1996, 2000-Felix Savon (Cuba)

Middleweight: 1920, 1924-Harry Mallin (Great Britain); 1992, 1996-Ariel Hernandez (Cuba)

Light Middleweight: 1952, 1956-Laszlo Papp (Hungary); 1964, 1968-Boris Lagutin (Soviet Union). Note: Laszlo Papp also won the 1948 Middlweight belt.

Welterweight: 1996, 2000-Oleg Saitov (Russia)

Light Welterweight: 1964, 1968-Jerzy Kulej (Poland); 1992, 1996-Hector Vinent (Cuba)

Lightweight: 2000, 2004-Mario Cesar Kindelan Mesa (Cuba)

Bantamweight: 2000, 2004-Guillermo Rigondeaux Ortiz (Cuba)

With the exception of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Cuba has been the powerhouse in the Olympic Boxing games. Other countries that have continuously won medals over the years include the following: United States of America, Russia (Soviet Union previously), Poland, Great Britain and Germany.


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