Old Lions

David Baddiel is trying to get a cast of the great and the good of pop to join him, Frank Skinner and (oh God no) Robbie Williams in the latest remake of Three Lions. Gawd, save us. The track is apparently an orchestral version of the original 1996 version of the song, produced by Trevor for this year’s World Cup.

‘Trevor has done this brilliant orchestral version of Three Lions,’ said Baddiel to The Sun. ‘It has opera singers, a choir and a full orchestra.

‘I'm not sure who will be singing the main part. I had the idea of doing it with a rag tag bag of English eccentrics – Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse, Michael Caine, Gazza, people like that. I don't feel it's up to us any more as it's a song and anyone can cover it. I just hope it's not the Sugababes.’

Goddamn it people, the only football song anyone should be releasing is World In Motion, right? Listen to it, instead of this rehashed nonsense.

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