Oh gee

Every now and again a comedy own goal pops up on YouTube, one that is just so ridiculous that you snort your afternoon tea through your nose. Like this one, for instance, or any misfortune that might happen to befall Arsenal (check out the lame David Seaman commentary on this bad boy). However, most of these are silly little mishaps in unimportant games in the scheme of things, usually committed by bad players suffering a hellish shellacking from a far superior team.

However, the video below is of an entirely different level. Not only is it an amusing own goal from all of 20 yards out, it comes in an important game too: Hadjuk Split were facing loal rivals Lokomotiva at the weekend, with both teams fighting for the Europa League spots. It was your classic six-pointer Brian, so imagine the horror of Hadjuk midfielder Goran Rubil, who while attempting to tackle a foe, crashes in a corker of an strike past his own keeper. They lost 2-1 too; great stuff Goran.

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