Your Options for Official Champions League Tickets

While many of the 86,000 tickets for this year's Champions League final have been snapped up already, there are still plenty of tickets available with corporate vendors. World Ticket Shop have a selection of tickets available for this fixture, as well as the remaining knock-out matches featuring such stellar names as Barcelona, Real Madrid and Manchester United. Read on for your options for official Champions League tickets for quarters, semis and the final.

World Ticket Shop offer a limited amount of seats left for the Tottenham Hotspur vs Real Madrid quarter final match, starting from £269 per person. This fixture takes place at White Hart Lane, and is priced for those seeking last minute deals for an otherwise sold out match.

There are also seats left for the first leg of Semi-final which will feature either Man Utd or Chelsea. Current prices are £802 per person, though prices may fall once actual teams and dates are confirmed.

However, for the big event, the Champions League Final, hosted this year on the 28th of May at Wembley Stadium, London, you will have to shell out almost £1591 per person. This is because Uefa's official tickets have either all been sold, or are specifically allocated to the two clubs who manage to reach the final.

In order to get the seats left, buyers must purchase from corporate vendors, such as World Ticket Shop. However, buyers must be aware that such vendors are not official affiliates of Uefa or the clubs involved. Uefa's official advice is that no tickets are distributed through agencies or brokers and that buyers must be aware of the risks when buying through these sources.

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