'Of course it's not on'

Bernie Ecclestone had planned to hold the postponed Bahrain grand prix on October 30, but has withdrawn the proposal after several F1 teams objected.

Political unrest in the country meant the race was postponed, but with the situation there as volatile as ever, Ecclestone's attempt to reschedule the race in October was met with widespread criticism from 11 F1 teams, as well as human rights organisations.

Ecclestone told BBC Sport: 'Hopefully there'll be peace and quiet and we can return in the future, but of course it's not on. The schedule cannot be rescheduled without the agreement of the participants – they're the facts.'

Ricken Patel, executive director at Avaaz, an organisation that has gathered almost half a million signatures in support of calling the race off, said: 'Reading the FIA's Bahrain report is like stepping into the Twilight Zone.

'While the FIA's sham report says no human rights have been violated, at least 31 Bahrain citizens have been killed and hundreds more tortured and imprisoned. Formula One based their decision to race in Bahrain on this dangerously irresponsible report, a decision now universally opposed by the F1 teams.

'Formula One must pull out of Bahrain immediately or have their reputation forever tarnished.'

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