Odds Calculator: Each Way Calculators Online

Every online gambler has some way of working out the odds, or has a strategy to help him or her get the best results possible. The key is being able to work out your odds and possible winnings or losses quickly and accurately, and that is exactly why you need an odds calculator. Each way calculators help you work out the potential winnings on each way bets, and this is especially handy if mathematics isn't exactly one of your strong points.

An each way bet can be seen as two bets rolled into one.  One half of your stake goes towards a win, and the other half goes towards your selection getting a place in the first four.  This type of bet can work with any sport as long as there are more than two competitors.

So let's say you're betting £10.00 at odds of 9/1 and E/W odds of 1/4 and your bet wins, you should get the following result: On a win you should get back £50.00, the E/W return should be £16.25 and your total return should be £66.25. The profit would then be £56.25.

http://www.betcalc.com/eachwaycalc.php is an incredibly easy-to-use each way calculator, and this makes working out your bets even easier.  The calculator is free to use so there's nothing to lose, and you can test out various scenarios until you're a little more confident before you bet real money.  Betcalc has once again risen to the challenge!

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