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  • It's WAR

    It's WAR

    Andrew Strauss declares war on the Aussies ahead of the Ashes

  • I created him

    I created him

    Audley Harrison's claim to have created David Haye didn't go down to well in Haye's camp

  • No windfall for Rovers

    No windfall for Rovers

    The club's new owners have warned that they won't be spending large amounts of money on new players

  • Primitive


    One of Russian football's most important figures has called England's World Cup bid team's bahaviour 'primitive'

  • Carling Cup round-up

    Carling Cup round-up

    Javier Hernandez's late winner against Wolves takes Manchester United through to the quarter-finals of the Carling Cup

  • England lodge complaint about Russia with Fifa

    England lodge complaint about Russia with Fifa

    England's World Cup bid team are understandably angry at the comments of the Russians about England and English fans

  • Blackburn close to Indian takeover

    Blackburn close to Indian takeover

    Indian company Venky's expects to be the new owner of Blackburn Rovers by next month

  • Some agents are difficult

    Some agents are difficult

    Which agents would they be then, Sir Alex?

  • Anyone can win it

    Anyone can win it

    Fernando Alonso remains cautious despite taking the lead in the F1 championship with only two races to go

  • Saved


    Sacha Gaydamak signs a deal that keeps Portsmouth Football Club alive

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