Obama cracks jokes about Beckham's age

David Beckham became one of the privileged few to be the target of a few Presidential gags. Barack Obama teased Beckham about his age and media profile when the LA Galaxy side met the President at a White House reception.

Obama bemused football fans by referring to LA Galaxy as the "Miami Heat of soccer", before turning his attention to the player he described ironically as a "young up-and-comer, a guy named David Beckham."

"I gave David a hard time," Obama said with a grin. "I said that half his teammates could be his kids. We’re getting old David, although you are holding up better than me."

Obama mentioned Beckham’s key contribution to Galaxy’s success in 2011, despite the player’s numerous injuries. "He is tough," the President said. "It is a rare man who can be that tough on the field and have his own line of underwear. David Beckham is that man."

Beckham grinned happily at all the Presidential attention, before presenting the President with a LA Galaxy shirt with 1.Obama emblazoned across the back.

Beckham still nurses a fierce ambition to lead the Team GB football side at this year's Olympics. It was unfortunate that on the one occasion that Team GB coach Stuart Pearce came over to the USA to watch him play, Beckham had one of his poorest games of the season.

The President’s gags though underlined that Beckham remains one of the world’s most famous sportsmen, and the Olympic organisation would love to see him involved in the summer.

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