Snowboard in style in an O'Neill Borax snow jacket

If you see snowboarding on TV, it can often seem that the look is almost as important as the moves. With the sport's increasing credibility though, you no longer have to sport a stringy goatee or look like a skate punk on the slopes. That's not to say you can't dress a little sharp. An O'Neill Borax snow jacket might help you look cool while staying warm.

This polyester snowboarding jacket comes in mochachino (that's dark brown to you) and pink design, with inverted zips, a fixed powderskirt and a linking system for your snow pants, just to make sure none of the cold white stuff gets where it shouldn't.

The important details include a waterproofing factor of 5000, critically taped seams, mesh lined pit zips, one handed adjusters on the hood, brushed internal chin, external zipped and velcro pockets.

The matching pants create a combination that is either eye-catching or garish depending on your taste. Certainly you need a bit of confidence to carry off the look, but the important consideration is that this is a snowboarding suit that will keep you dry, keep the snow out, and offer protection against the cold.

The O'Neill Borax snow jacket is a little hard to find, as it was a limited edition. A little searching online should be able to track one down though, at outlets like www.surfdome.com or on ebay (www.ebay.co.uk). The original retail price was £149.99, but you may find it cheaper. Check the O'Neill website (www.oneill.com) for the latest variations.

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