All about NSW Rugby League

History of NSW Rugby League

Since its foundation at the turn of the last century, NSW rugby league has gone from strength to strength and has a proud and rich tradition within Australia. Formed in Sydney on August 8, NSW rugby league was known as New South Wales Rugby Football League (NSWRFL) until 1984 when marketing pressure dictated the removal of the letter "f" from the organisation's title. The first ever NSW rugby league was played on August 17, 1907, in which the hosts were beaten 12-8 by New Zealand.

The Reasons Behind NSW Rugby League

At the turn of the last century many players were unhappy with the New South Wales Rugby Union because of its stubborn refusal to pay compensation for injuries and lost wages. A breakaway movement was formed, which included legendary cricketer Victor Trumper and Labour politician Henry Hole, and NSW rugby league was born.

Clubs who Play in the NSW Rugby League

NSW Rugby League is renowned for the colourful titles of its teams such as, The Balmain Tigers, Canterbury Bulldogs, Canberra Raiders, Cronulla Sharks, Illawarra Steelers, Manly Sea Eagles, Newcastle Knights, Newtown Jets, North Sydney Bears, Parramatta Eels, Penrith Panthers, St. George Dragons, South Sydney Rabbits, Sydney Roosters, and Western Suburbs Magpies.

The Ethos Behind NWS Rugby League

Fair play, professionalism, team play, comradeship, discipline, and the spirit the game is played in are all vital ingredients of NWS Rugby League.

The City Versus Country Annual Match

Every year the NSW Rugby League picks a city side to compete against a country side selected by the NSW Country Rugby League in the city versus country match.

NSW Rugby State of Origin Series

The most popular clash in the NSW Rugby League calendar is the annual State of Origin series between the New South Wales Blues and the Queensland Maroons.

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