Novak Djokovic 'ready' to beat Rafael Nadal

After atrocious weather and a host of rows between the players and the tournament officials, the men's final of the US Open will be played tonight, with Serbian Novak Djokovic taking on Rafael Nadal. It promises to be a humdinger.

Djokovic, who has only lost one match all year, says that he is ready and good enough to beat the Spaniard, who many consider to be the best player who ever lived. The Serb comes into the match having overturned a two-set deficit around against Roger Federer over the weekend, a result that he hailed as the best of his career so far. The form man against the best – even tennis haters will be excited about this, surely?

'I know that I have a game that is good enough to win against him,' stated Djokovic. 'I have proved that this year on three different surfaces, so I believe that I have a good chance.

'I need to go out on the court believing I can win. But we're talking about a player who has won 10 majors already in his career and he's only 25. He's defending his title. I think last year throughout the whole tournament and in the final I have never seen him serve better. So I think again it depends on my serve and his serve, as well. It's going to be a tough match.'

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