Nothing to worry about, says Sam Allardyce

West Ham United started the Championship season much as they finished the Premier League season last time out: snatching defeat from the jaws of victory and confusing the hell out of their supporters. This time they lost 1-0 to Cardiff City, conceding a goal from Kenny Miller in injury time to start the campaign in the worst possible fashion.

However new manager Sam Allardyce doesn't appear to be too worried about the continuation of a unhappy trend, saying that despite the result, his team played excellently, and that there isn't anything to worry about. Honest. Hammers fans would probably disagree, given just how many chances they managed to miss.

'Everybody will think it's a hangover, they'll think it's the same old story,' said Allardyce. 'We're gutted because of our performance, in terms of chances created and not converted today.

'Professional football then kicks you right where it hurts sometimes and today was exactly that. Apart from winning, today was fine. If you lose everybody's going to say you should be better, when really, overall, we were very, very good.'

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