Nothing to prove

The United State’s Ryder Cup captain Corey Pavin has said that he has no worries regarding troubled Tiger Woods’ form, and says that he has nothing to prove to anyone.

The tournament starts on Friday, and although no-one doubts that Woods is the best golfer in the world, 2010 has been a terrible year for him, both on and off the course. However Pavin was very quick to stress that the burden of responsibility will be stretched across the whole team, and not just on his shoulders. Presumably he feels that working within a unit could help take the pressure off his golf, although that could backfire if he feels the pressure to do well for his teammates. It’s also true that his Ryder Cup displays have always been poorer than his general play.

‘I think every time Tiger plays in the Ryder Cup he wants to win and so do 11 other players on team USA,' said Pavin. 'All the guys want to come out and play their best golf and try to retain the trophy here. That's our goal here this week, so there's not one player who's different from another.

‘I think we have a pretty good squad and Colin has a very good squad. It's going to be very competitive and come down to who makes the putts. It may come down to a Sunday match, who knows? I expect the matches to be pretty close. It's hard to win over here. Anytime you travel overseas and play there is a home course advantage and that's what Colin has this week.

‘So we have to overcome that and Team USA are going to play hard and the best they can and try to keep this trophy in our hands.’

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