Nothing happened, right?

Given that we know almost nothing about North Korea, it’s often very easy to just make stuff up, safe in the knowledge that we’re not about to get a full statement from Kim Jong-Il refuting the ridiculous and wild claims that we’ve made about his nation.

So thanks heaven for that model of democracy and accountability, Fifa, which has refuted any claims that the North Korean football team were punished for losing all three of their games at this summer’s World Cup. This runs contrary to reports from Radio Free Asia, which claims they were plonked in a auditorium and subjected to six hours of criticism from the public.

‘The (North Korean) FA assures Fifa that Mr Kim Jong-hun, the head coach of the national team, and all the other members of the national team are training as usual,’ read a Fifa statement. ‘The association also indicates that there were no sanctions to the coach and that the reports on this matter were baseless. With all of the information at hand, and having checked all of its sources, Fifa has decided to close the matter.’

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