Not welcome

Alex McLeish could be in for a tough time if he ends up taking the Aston Villa job: angry Villa fans have apparently promised to hand in their season tickets, a least according to one influential supporter.

McLeish resigned as Birmingham City manager on Sunday and has since been installed as the favourite to the Villa position, left vacant by Gerard Houllier’s departure. However Jonathan Fear, editor of the vital Villa fans’ website, has said that there might be a boycott of games should he take the job.

‘I would fear for the atmosphere and attendances at Villa Park if Alex McLeish is appointed manager,’ he said. ‘I've got friends who are adamant they will return their season tickets if McLeish is appointed. He is a tough bloke but no matter how thick skinned you are, it will be a tough sell for him to win over the Villa fans.

‘It is not just because he was Birmingham manager but because of his style of play. Even some Blues fans have said to me they didn't want to watch that type of football anymore.

‘This board at Villa have been very good and they want the right man for the job. They are honest, decent people running the club. But it will be difficult for McLeish to win over the fans even if Villa are winning. It is a slap in the face of Blues fans and has not pleased the Villa fans.’

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