Not our fault we were rubbish

Harry Redknapp has said that Tottenham’s pitiful display yesterday evening against Young Boys in their crucial Champions League qualifier was all down to the Swiss side’s plastic pitch, an excuse so lame that not even he can possibly believe it.

Spurs were given a torrid time, with comedy defender from Michael Dawson in particular leading to them being 3-0 after only 28 minutes. However, goals from Sébastien Bassong and Roman Pavlyuchenko pulled them back from the brink. It didn’t stop Harry having a moan, mind you.

‘I have to be truthful,’ he said. ‘I had a feeling yesterday about this game and I had a feeling all day today about it. I just had this nasty feeling. I just kept looking at the players. I'd watched them train on the pitch and I watched them not feel happy about this and that.

‘We didn't like it yesterday and tonight the players were pulling faces and suggesting that they didn't like the look of it. We couldn't get to grips with holding the ball; it was bouncing off us. We just didn't look sure of ourselves at all and suddenly we were almost out of the tie at 3-0.

‘I left four players out because they weren't comfortable on the pitch in training yesterday. Aaron Lennon wasn't comfortable; Robbie Keane had a problem with his knee. Tom Huddlestone – the last time he played on Astroturf, he was out for six weeks – his knee blew up like a balloon. I didn't really want to risk Tom and I only brought him on because we were pretty desperate.

‘You have to get used to playing on it. If you play on it every week, you get used to it. It's not an excuse but I played on Astroturf myself and I hated every minute of it. We've had it at QPR but we don't have it anymore in England. I don't agree with Astroturf and I don't think Astroturf should be used in a competition like this.’

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