Not our fault guv

Welsh football fans’ hearts were broken when it was announced that star player Gareth Bale was out injured for their massive clash with England at the Millennium Stadium this weekend. But how did he get his injury?

The Welsh had previously said that Bale had arrived for international duty with a hamstring problem, but Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp said that there’s no way that he would have even sent him off for the game if he had been injured while playing for or training with Tottenham. Which makes sense, really.

‘I wouldn't have let him go if he had an injury,’ Redknapp told the Daily Mail. ‘Gareth played for 90 minutes against West Ham on Saturday and they tell me the figures from that game show he covered more ground than he's ever done before. There was no sign of a hamstring injury. He's not come in after the game and said his hamstrings were tight.

‘When he left here on Saturday, off he went and he certainly wasn't injured. Now he's got a hamstring [injury]. He must've done it with Wales. I'm not blaming anyone. It's no one's fault.’

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