Not our fault guv

Fifa have refused to accept responsibility for the crush outside the Makhulong Stadium stadium yesterday which left 16 people injured. The incident took place before Nigeria’s World Cup warm-up match with North Korea, when free tickets for the 10,000 capacity stadium in the Tembisa area of Johannesburg, were given out prior to kick-off.

The Nigerian FA blamed Fifa for taking control of all the other stadiums in the city, leaving them no option but to use the smaller venue, with Taiwo Ogunjobi, the Nigerian federation's technical committee chairman, saying that: ‘we had no choice. That was the only venue available to us. Fifa had taken control of all the stadia we could have used and we had to settle for this one because we needed to play this match.’ However Fifa have blamed the incident on poor organisation and placed the responsibility on the Nigerian FA.

‘We have been criticised very often for not distributing tickets on the matchday at the stadium,’ said Fifa general secretary Jérôme Valcke. ‘What happened there proves we are right to say that you should never distribute tickets at the stadium on the matchday. It's one of our principles and we will keep this principle during the World Cup.’

‘We regret the incident that has taken place,’ said Fifa president Sepp Blatter. ‘I am sure and you are sure this is (a wake-up call) but this will not happen in any match of the World Cup.’

‘The security is always the matter of the state where the sports event is played. Football has to take the adequate steps to ensure the minimum standard of security for any competition. We have no police force. It is a cooperation, connecting football with the local authorities, police or military.’

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