Not my fault

Andy Roddick has come up with a novel way of making and excuse for an embarrassing defeat: blame the organisers. That way you certainly don’t end up looking like a bit of a jackass for complaining about stuff that affects everyone, that’s for sure.

The American, who lost his third round match of the French Open to world number 114 Teimuraz Gabashvili, claims that the tournament organisers are to blame for what he believes are the poor balls affecting his game. He is angry at the way the court covers are left at the back of the court, still wet, after being used to cover the court from rain, and thinks that it’s making the balls wet.

‘They dry the whole court, but then they leave the tarps soaking wet,' Roddick complained. 'If a ball rolls through a puddle enough times, can you tell me what happens to it? Then, when clay attaches to it, it doesn't get lighter.

‘It's something that I've been pretty adamant complaining about behind closed doors for a long time. The umpire said to me, ‘Well, it happens every year’. I'm going, ‘Is that supposed to make me feel better?’ I didn't understand that logic.’

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