Not good enough

So England were rubbish. That much most English fans were savvy enough to admit, but will any lessons be learned? Already we can here the blame being placed on the linesman, the referee, the foreign manager and various other things that don’t make any difference to the fact that England just are not good enough, and will probably never be good enough to win an major tournament in our lifetimes.

Still, here’s Frank Lampard complaining about the mystifying decision to not award his clear equalising goal. It wouldn’t have made any difference in the long run, as had England beaten Germany they would have still been spanked out of sight by Argentina. Time to take stock once again and talk about massive structural change that won’t happen.

‘We had a meeting before the World Cup when we were told about a million different rule changes that hardly affect the game,’ said the Chelsea midfielder. ‘The big one, the one that affects the game today, hasn't been brought in so it is a no-brainer.

‘It was a clear goal - 40,000 knew it and I knew it, but there were two people that didn't. It certainly affected the game and we're bitterly disappointed.’

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