Not going anywhere

Stephen Hendry has confirmed that will carry on playing next season. The seven-time world champion has hinted at retiring after the World Championships, and said he was giving it serious consideration after being beaten 13-4 by Mark Selby. It would have drawn the curtain on a career that many in snooker believe will never be surpassed.

However the 42-year-old revealed to the BBC that he was definitely staying on for next season, saying that he still loved the sport and that he wanted to start practicing again like he was when he king of the felt.

‘I still love playing the game,’ he said. ‘I want the chance to come back here. I'm going to play all the tournaments. There's no point being half-hearted. I don't put in the same amout of time as I did in the 1990s when I was dominating.

‘Your life is different when you have a family and it can be pretty boring practising the same shot for six hours a day. I am going to start having more competitive practice sessions with other players rather than playing on my own. I feel that could help me compete more in matches.

‘I still feel I have something to give. I have got the game but I need the belief and hopefully I can get that back by practising more with other players, but certainly staying in the top 16 was a big incentive in my decision.’

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