Not a bad homecoming

Jose Mourinho’s Inter side saved the face of Italian football by putting on a masterful display at Stamford Bridge last night, winning 1-0 and going through to the Champions League quarter finals. The win, thanks to a goal from Samuel Eto’o, may very well save the fourth Champions League spot for Serie A, which was under threat of being lost to the German Bundesliga.

Chelsea could have had some complaints about penalties not being given for various tugs and barges in the area, but overall they were outplayed and outthought by a very well marshalled Inter side, showing Chelsea fans what they were missing – Jose Mourinho.

‘Yesterday someone asked me if I would still be special if I lost here,’ he said after the game. ‘But today I'm not so special for Chelsea supporters who will probably never forgive me. It was difficult coming to my home as an enemy, but that is what happened. I exchanged SMS messages with John Terry yesterday and told him one of us would be sad today. That's life.

‘Roman (Abramovich) is a very intelligent person and because of that he's not the same person that he was when he arrived in football. Probably he thought it would be easy when he first arrived in football. It's not easy. It's difficult. Teams win on small details which make the difference. He knows it's not easy now. He knows now how to read a game, understand a game, analyse the game and knows his team lost against a side who deserved to win. He's a man of class, so he will accept this defeat because he knows Inter were the best team.’

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