No windfall for Rovers

Any Blackburn Rovers fans who are expecting their new Indian owners to pump in fortunes to fund a transfer market spending spree are going oto be sorely disappointed: they have come out and said they won’t be doing anything of the sort.

Venky’s, the poultry and Pharmacutical company that is expected to complete the £46million buy-out of Rover by the end of next week, have said that they will take on the club’s debts and will give manager Sam Allardyce a small transfer budget, while encouraging him to trawl through the market for loanees. They also don’t seem to have any unrealistic expectations of the club’s on-pitch performance either, planning for a solid mid-table finish.

‘We don't need to buy expensive players,’ said Anuradha Desai, the VH Group chairperson. ‘We can always lease (loan) them. We don't expect to be in the top five of the Premier League. We will be happy to be in the top 10-12.

‘The club has no major losses. There is not a major financial issue nor does it have accumulated debt. We will pump in whatever is needed but the main thing is to get the club back into good shape. This is an investment and it will grow on its own strength.’

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