No respect

Liverpool defender Daniel Agger has said that Fernando Torres showed a lack of respect by joining ‘arch rivals’ Chelsea, and that he would never play for another club in England.

The Spain international caused an international rumpus when he moved to London, adding fuel to a rivalry that has been gaining in intensity ever since it was rumoured that Steven Gerrard was going to make the move south all those years ago, and Agger feels that Torres has tarnished his legacy by moving to the reigning champions.

‘It is unacceptable to play for one of Liverpool's arch rivals,’ he said. ‘For a Dane, it's about having respect for the club you play at. I am proud to be able to pull on my Liverpool jersey and will never go to another club in England. I would never go to Manchester United or Everton, for example. It's about a form of respect for the club.

‘I suppose Liverpool got a lot of money for him and, if the player doesn't want to be there any more, there is no reason to keep him. I should say I think everyone at Melwood liked him and still do, because he is a good guy and we wish him all the best in a blue shirt – except against us.’

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